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your soulmate clients need you.  Let me help you bring your ideas into the physical.

Expert Help To Bring Your Transformational Event Dreams To Life

Not sure what it is you don't know you don't know?  Wish you had some done-for-you structure in place already?

Getting caught in an overwhelm cycle with big dreams, but a big list of unanswered questions?

Getting super excited thinking through all of the "fun" details, but pinterest scrolling is stopping you from actually moving plans forward?

Develop your event strategy and streamline your event logistics -
 So you can focus on your content.... Ya know, the stuff your people are coming for!

you've got some big things to share. 
Let me help you:

Can't wait to bring your brand to life, but don't have a real strategy on how to accomplish your event goals?

Jam with me for a day long deep dive into your event.  We'll cover
 Goals, plans, logistics, marketing - all of the things. 

You'll hop off our chat with clear next steps, practical tools, and the confidence & connection you need to bring your brand and your Transformational experience to life. 

VIP Event Planning Day

Well, I got you covered.  Introducing:

An event planner and mindfulness expert who empowers soul-centered entrepreneurs to create life-hanging in person experiences for their communities. 

I take your life-giving, live event ideas, and help you map them out on paper to build a plan of attack for flawless and inspired execution. We set goals together, and I connect all the dots (and ask a LOT of questions) to help you refine your content vision and make it come to LIFE. 

With over 13 years experience in the event planning industry, I've had the pleasure of creating all types of special events. From intimate masterminds and multi-day workshops, to luxury island retreats, and once-in-a-lifetime experiences to thousand-person conferences with bustling exhibit halls and full-production stage sets.

Hi! I'm Ashley


Maile Jackson, HI

My experience working with Ashley has been breathtaking…literally. From the first zoom, the texts and voice memos back and forth, to the end result. She is a powerhouse. Her own Magic plus her phenomenal skillset with events is exactly what I was looking for. I’ve worked with many event planners before and they all say the same things and give the same advice. Ashley’s approach is different, unique, and requires you to go deeper. I felt like she brought my event to life and added all the right touches to take it from good to showstopping.
I felt understood, free, and excited through the whole process. No detail left unturned, yet it still felt like flow & ease. The opposite of what I had experienced in the past with events.

Avery Ann

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+ Pre-call planning excavation before deep-dive-day, to cover all of our bases and make sure your Deep Dive Day is all about what YOU want to focus on. 

+ 5 Hours of Deep Diving into your event via zoom call. We'll cover everything from strategy, logistics, marketing and everything in between.  

+ Loads of templates and done-for-you project plans to help you get on with your planning with confidence and a plan.  

+ One week of voxxr follow up for any questions that pop up! 

Here's what's included

What to expect

We start with a meditation to get us both connected and energetically ready for the day.  
Then, we'll walk through the agenda and cover off all-the-things.  I'll make sure you're armed with all the information you need in order to make your event a success. 

We'll stay connected via voxxer for the month following your call, so I can assist you with any questions that pop up on your planning journey. 

Fill out the form below to register and complete payment for your Deep Dive Day!  In registration, include your preferred date and time for your Deep Dive Day.  I'll connect with you via email to confirm your date, or feel free to email me at and we'll sort out scheduling prior to booking your call. 

I'll send over a google doc for you to complete 1 week prior to our call.  The Questionnaire is a comprehensive outline for your event, so we can go deep on what we need to cover, and I can find any holes I see in your current planning. 

Once the questionnaire is received, I''ll share an agenda for our Deep Dive 24 hours prior to our call. 

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