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Let's Bring Your Brand To Life

Your dream event  experience brought to life with clarity, strategy and "oh my god, you get me" guidance.  Give yourself space and energy to ENJOY the journey.

You don't have to do it alone.

Give yourself space, time, and energy to actually ENJOY the journey.

Managing spreadsheets, random idea rabbit holes, and past deadlines is NOT the vibe.  Getting into the frequency of joy and connectedness - that's the secret sauce to your event success.  I'll give you the space you need and confidence that your vision is coming together easily and effortlessly. 

How it works

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Because of super high-touch nature of live events, I only take on a few ultra-aligned projects a year.  If you're planning an event, let's have a quick chat on your vision to make sure  we're a good fit!

We'll build the plan

We'll figure out a cadence of calls, and build the plan together - everything from contracts, to venue, to website, to food, to travel, to speakers, to attendee management to design and decor, attendee journey, and everything in between. 

sit back and watch it unfold

As we build the plan - I'll do the exeuction, so you can sit back and focus on your content and your people.  Need help onsite?  I'm there for ya babe. 

Bringing people together is my purpose:

Bringing people together is my purpose.

I've been planning events for 25 years (professionally for 15).

My superpower is bringing people together.  TO COMMUNE with each other.   To making sure that every moment makes you FEEL something.  We'll plan out how you want your attendees to FEEL in every moment of your experience, and then work backwards to make that happen. 


You know what you want, and could do it yourself, but you'd rather not... 

You're awesome at what you do and have already built an empire.  You COULD get knee deep in it all, but you KNOW that your energy is best spent elsewhere...

you want to hire someone who gets you and your unique energetic work in the world

Your work isn't just a cookie cutter event.  Your work helps people FEEL - and you want someone whose going to BRING THAT OUT on your team.

you want a creative, straight shooting partner to bouce ideas around with

You want a true partner whose going to give it to you straight, and also be able to bounce ideas around with - to create unique experiences your audience hasn't seen before at the last event they went to.

You're in the right place.

Let's do it together.

an event that you're proud of and can't wait to host again and again.

bringing your why into your live experience in unique ways

building deeper community with your loyal fans who want to work together again and again

creating something bigger than yourself and starting a movement

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Success Stories


Ashley’s Approach Is Different, Unique, And Requires You To Go Deeper. I Felt Like She Brought My Event To Life And Added All The Right Touches To Take It From Good To Showstopping.

- Maile, Human Design expert


Let's chat about your event

Planning something?  Let's set up a quick chat to see if we're a good fit to work together.  I'd LOVE to connect with you. 

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