virtual assistant services for goal-chasing women entrepreneurs

Stop wasting hours of your day and start flourishing

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to calm and in-charge

Bouncing from task to task, unable to focus, and never getting a sense of accomplishment by day's end.

Wasting time on general housekeeping items for your business instead of focusing on the items that you excel at and actually bring in the money.

Wishing there were just a few more hours in the day so that you could actually grow your business so you can quit your 9-5 and pursue your passion.

go from overwhelmed hot mess

Hustlin' hard to build your business? Ever wonder what it'd be like to ditch the hustle and work smarter, not harder?

let's keep you in areas you thrive and out of areas that hinder you!

Learn which tasks each Enneagram type should be outsourcing ASAP!

enneagram fan like me?

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Kennedy Cole is a template designed for coaches and creatives looking for a clean, modern design that's not overly feminine. easily customize the color palette and fonts to match your branding!

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angela turner

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stephanie smith

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the best tasks to outsource based on your enneagram type

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