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I'm Ashley

in other words,  the cosmically perfect combo to help you create life-changing in-person experiences for your community.

I take your life-giving, live event ideas and help you map them out on paper to build a plan of attack for flawless and inspired execution. We set intentions, dive deep on your event foundation, work on event energetics, and I connect all the dots (and ask a LOT of questions) to help you refine your content and experience vision and make it come to LIFE. 

I'm also speaker, podcaster, master energy healer, creative, and mama to two starseed boys that love to test the boundaries of learning to be human. 

When I'm not at my mac you can find me knee deep DIYing a home sanctuary, organizing closets, forest bathing by the lake down the block, or diving into a new-to-me modality.  


An intuitive pisces sun with a structured cap moon and an eye-for-luxury rising taurus 

It’s true that we each have important roles to play in organizations, but our purpose has nothing to do with title, status, or project. Our purpose involves connection, support, and growth. The practice of mindfulness keeps bringing us back to our purpose – it helps us focus on the important stuff and stop sweating the small stuff. When we have purpose and perspective, we have happiness. Happy people create great cultures, great products, and great services. It’s what the world needs now.

My #1 goal is to give people the tools they need to empower themselves to become the best version of themselves. 

Maile Jackson, Human Design Expert

My experience working with Ashley has been breathtaking…literally. From the first zoom, the texts and voice memos back and forth, to the end result. She is a powerhouse. Her own Magic plus her phenomenal skillset with events is exactly what I was looking for. I’ve worked with many event planners before and they all say the same things and give the same advice. Ashley’s approach is different, unique, and requires you to go deeper. I felt like she brought my event to life and added all the right touches to take it from good to showstopping.
I felt understood, free, and excited through the whole process. No detail left unturned, yet it still felt like flow & ease. The opposite of what I had experienced in the past with events.

Kobe Bryant, LA Lakers

Marc Benioff , Salesforce

“Salesforce was made possible by Steve Jobs, Meditation and perseverance.”

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Let's not sugar coat it. 
Planning events is a lot of work.


1:1 Event Management Consultation

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You’ll receive a pre-call questionnaire to fill out a week prior to our meeting. This is where I understand more about your event, and you can tell me about what you need most help with.

24 hours prior to our call, I’ll send you a call agenda, to keep us on track.


We'll hop on a zoom call and tackle our agenda. This is the time to ask ALL OF THE THINGS! Topic Examples: Overall Event Goals, Event Content, Agenda Planning, Marketing Plan, attendee communication Plan, Venue selection, Budgeting, Event Mindset, Sourcing Speakers, Sponsorships, Food and Beverage, Attendee experience and gifts, vendor management)

24 hours after our zoom call, I’ll send you a personalized project plan, complete with recommendations, resources and ideas for your event. >> Implementation Week: Please take advantage of the week after our call, and reach out to me with any and all questions as you begin to implement the plan we put together. I’ve got answers for most things, and when I don’t, I’ll point you in a right direction.  



Let me guide you along the way so you spend your time and energy on things that matter. 
Because no matter how much you plan, there are always audibles, and it's nice to have someon in your corner who can walk you through them.  

In our 1:1 Consultation, we’ll work together to tackle your burning event questions, and develop a personalized plan to get you on your feet and running from planning mode straight to execution mode (You know, where the magic happens). 

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